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Social Marketing Predictions for the Near Future

crystal ballWhy Social and Mobile are Changing Marketing for Retailers.

It is undeniable that today the path-to-purchase is driven by social and mobile, whereas consumers used to be influenced by print ads and commercials.

Here are a few predictions about how social and mobile will shape the way retailers are marketing.

Personalized Media Based on Location

71% of in-store customers who have a smartphone and use it for online research say their phone has become increasingly essential to their in-store experience according to a recent report by Google.

Forward-thinking retailers are using location-based mobile marketing to deliver coupons to keep up with the demands of consumers. Coupons are displayed based on what and where the smartphone user shops.

Retailers are also trying to solve the problem of “abandoned shopping carts.” In order to push the consumer to complete the “checkout,” shoppers will be re-targeted on social media for items they have in their “cart.”

Bringing Social Media and SEO Together

In order for retailers to be the most effective in their digital marketing efforts, social media and SEO must work together. Shoppers should be drawn to content based on strategic searches.

The most effective social media strategy is to have content that is compelling, insightful and entertaining in order to get information “shared.” “Sharing” is essential for search optimization.

Before, social media and SEO were separate strategies and now, they will have to work together as a team.

Content that Stands Out From Overpopulation

Shoppers are bombarded with content today, which is why retailers must find ways to make their content stand out and heard. One solution is for retailers to have a newsroom of their own. Not like 60 minutes or Dateline, but more like libraries of miniature content. The content can be provided online or in the store. It should be content that is new and relevant, for instance someone blogging about a product, images from Facebook fans or customer reviews. Digital newsrooms will replace the printed catalog.

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