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Helium uses consumer data to understand the dynamics of your category—FHC Marketing does more than design to a set of specs; we get an in-depth understanding of your brand identity, marketing goals and display strategy by analyzing:

A display is the physical manifestation of your business plan; it’s where message meets customer. To insure success, we use our Helium process (see attached), in which we partner with you early in the business cycle and implement concomitantly as your business plan evolves. During that process, we extract key information from the following groups:

We work with your marketing people to research the potential effectiveness of the display designs to connect with the targeted customer using on line surveys, design/prototype reaction focus groups and/or short run store tests, depending on what time and money allow.

We’re so confident that our process works that we offer a satisfaction guarantee: rate your satisfaction with the results and take a discount if it’s not 100%!

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Helium Delivers


An in-store marketing strategy that engages the consumer


A process that verifies
store execution


A long history of
performance and innovation


A guarantee that
ensures satisfaction


A partner who’s on your team
but not on your payroll


A laser beam focus on
sales increases


See it in Action

Check out these case studies

Level & Square Bay - Home Improvement Big Box

Empire Level/Home Depot

Level and square bay redesign resulted in 21% to 45% same store sales increases.

Large Containers

ACH/Weber Spices

Creative engineering saved enough to cover the cost of a display upgrade.