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The focus at FHC is helping customers raise brand awareness and increase sales through in-store marketing efforts at the point of purchase. Our customers are restaurant and retail chains, grocery store chains, CPGs and consumer product manufacturers. We design and produce custom store fixtures, POP displays, merchandisers, sign holders and graphics from wood, plastic and metal, paper and corrugated fiberboard. Using our proprietary process, Helium, we partner with you and determine the most effective in-store solution that will support your brand, connect with your customers and lift sales.  We produce, assemble, package and ship them directly to stores or to distribution centers. We can arrange to have them assembled or set up in the stores and verify store compliance.


A hundred years ago, the floors of your local department store were lined with glass showcases from which store clerks removed merchandise for you to examine. These glass cases, referred to as fixtures, were outfitted with a myriad of after-market shelf brackets, product lifts, merchandise holders, etc. which facilitated product display.

In 1920, Samuel Wolf, formerly an employee of Sears, Roebuck & Co., returned from fighting in World War I and started his own business, manufacturing these showcase components. His name for this company was quite literal, Fixture Hardware Co. In 1921, Samuel landed Sears, Roebuck & Co as a customer which, by the way, has been a customer of ours ever since. In 1948, Samuel’s son Raphael graduated from college and started working for Fixture Hardware Co. and, in 1977, his son, Roger, came into the fold.

Although the company focus has been primarily store fixtures, over the years some other paths were followed. For a while, we produced mimeograph machines, with their purple ink and pungent solvent, until xerography closed that door. We got into manufacturing drapery hardware and still maintain a small presence there.

In 1989, Todd Carmichael was brought in to help expand the customer base and our product offerings, especially introducing us to a broader range of materials and manufacturing processes. He became Roger’s partner in 1991 after Raphael retired.

In 1995, Fixture Hardware Co switched to the FHC moniker and our focus expanded to helping customers lift retail sales through purchase point marketing. In 2010, we systemized our process and named it Helium.


Helium uses consumer data to understand the dynamics of your category. We do more than design to a set of specs; we get an in-depth understanding of your brand identity, marketing goals and display strategy by analyzing:

  • In-store plans and business objectives
  • Customer profiles
  • Implementations challenges
  • Distribution channels and total volume per channel
  • Timing, shipping and verification

We work with your marketing people to research the potential effectiveness of the in-store display designs to connect with the targeted customer. As your overall plan develops, so does your display program, hand in hand, so that when you launch, you have the confidence that your display will connect with your targeted consumers, support your brand identity, transmit your message and get you the increased sales you need.


We will achieve profitable growth by utilizing our creative and adaptable problem solving methods to exceed our customer’s goals and expectations. Our culture will support employees in a positive, energizing environment.


Adaptability—The longevity and enduring strength of FHC’s enterprise results from our uncanny ability to flexibly respond to changing conditions and market demands. For years and years we’ve satisfied the world’s largest retailers and CPGs with consistent, dependable service on assignments of varying size and scope.

Unique Perspective—For nearly a century FHC has perceived and delivered innovative solutions because we understand and run the business from the retailer’s point of view. Our ability to contribute to retail success stems directly from our understanding of the consumers who drive business.

Return on Investment—FHC’s competitive advantage boils down to value. Through experience and acquired expertise, we routinely deliver value for customers by devising solutions that emphasize efficiency, performance and profitability. In the end, those are the only measures that matter.

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