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Brand Heritage in Today’s Consumer Culture

In the fast pace of the modern market, remaining relevant is key – no matter how established the brand 

Several years ago, brand heritage was something carefully, painstakingly built over the course of many decades, sometimes even longer. The brands consumers trusted worked hard to earn that loyalty. Brick by brick, they’d

Over 50 and Spending Strong: A Valuable Demographic

Though millennials are the most coveted segment, retailers shouldn’t overlook the 50-plus crowd

For all the buzz surrounding how aggressively advertisers are pursuing their most-coveted market, millennials, one might be surprised to learn that for the first time in history, consumers over the age of 50 comprise the majority of all

Snapchat and P&G Pilot Star Wars-Themed Marketing Campaign

Driving sales takes a backseat to building brand awareness––with the ultimate goal of conversation in mind

To drive sales or to raise brand awareness is the great debate of many advertisers. When it comes to online commerce’s relationship to marketing, the strong preference has historically been to focus on the hard

Fashion Retail’s Emerging Testing Ground: Subscription Services

Subscription services for apparel are taking off––and the benefit extends far beyond the consumer

The democratization of fashion is leading to some interesting experiments with business models that allow retailers to test new markets, styles and methods of customer acquisition. The findings could be valuable to retailers in terms of mining

Digital Data in a Millennial’s Market: Here’s Why it Matters

For apparel retailers, customer acquisition and retention is a fast-paced challenge––but digital data offers a glimpse into successful strategy

Relevance, demand, and consumer tastes that are changing more quickly than ever: These are the challenges many apparel retailers are struggling to resolve as they remain determined to gain the loyalty