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Google Makes a Comeback with Mobile Payments

Google Reintroduces Mobile Payments with Android Pay.

A reintroduction is in order for Google. The company announced in May that with Android Pay, it is back into mobile payments.

There was something familiar with the presentation that Google made at its annual I/O developer conference located in Silicon Valley.

In an email written

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Ad Blocking is the Right of the Consumer

Should Retailer Advertisers Really be so Fearful of Ad Blocking?

The advertising community has been very vocal lately about its disdain for ad blocking. Now, in the midst of this dilemma, there are vendors who claim to stop ad blocking with an algorithm.

Does the advertising community really want technology that is

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The Shopper is the POS Today

Shoppers are Making all of the Decisions, Including Where to Shop, How to Shop, How Much to Shop and How to Pay for it.

Over the years, you have probably heard it called many things such as the “till,” the “cash register,” or even the “cash box.” Whereas it used to

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