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Fashion Brand Loyalty is Not for Millennials

Millennials Have No Brand Loyalty Based on a New Study.

Did you know that when it comes to fashion brands, Millennials have no loyalty? Based on a new study by LIM College entitled “Shopping Trends Amount 18-25 Year-Olds,” Professors Robert Conrad and Kenneth Kambara discovered that 45% of Millennial respondents said

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Beacon Deployment Plans for Retailers

How Retailers in Every Category, Small, Mid-Size and Large “Appear” to be Planning Beacon Adoption.

Last year, there were numerous experiments and trials for beacon deployment. This included ones that, in scope, were large. Despite the experiments and trials, beacon deployment wasn’t exactly a big hit. And even with the few

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Customer Experience is in Your Head

Why Understanding a Little About Neuroscience Helps Retailers.

If you want to give your customers a better experience, then you need to get inside their heads. It is not the left brain that you want to reach, it is the right brain.

Since buying decisions are more likely based on emotion versus

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The Scoop on Millennial Diversity

Who is the Millennial?

Information about Millennials is everywhere you look. It’s almost enough to make your head spin. BARD Advertising recently released a report where they broke down who they are.

Millennials make up 24% of the United States Population. They are 77 million in number and growing. They are ages

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