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Retailers Want an Empowered Customer

There is a Shift in the Relationship Between Retailer and Consumer.

It used to be uneven, the relationship between retailers and customers. Products would be available by the retailer at a nearby brick-and-mortar store. Consumers didn’t have many options when it came to what to buy or where to buy. The

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Smart Tags for Smart Bottles

Imagine a Bottle of Johnnie Walker Sending You Personalized Messaging

It’s a commercial future ahead. Retailers will be looking to find ways to track customer behavior, buying patterns and user patterns. They will be looking to send messaging that is up close and personal. It will be like never before.

Imagine that

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Targeting Multicultural Millennials via Mobile

The Way We Market to a Multicultural Audience is Changing, Are You Keeping Up?

As a marketer, to reach your audience, you must think like your audience. To reach young Hispanics and African-Americans with online messaging, marketers have to go mobile.

According to research from ComScore, 42% of Hispanic millennials access the

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Say Goodbye to Grocery Brands

To Save the Brand Manufacturers, They Will Need to Take Note of the Changes in Retail.

It has been headed down the path for a while now. The consumer goods industry is close to the edge, tipping over a drop off. There are a few reasons this is happening. One is

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Is This Year the Year for the Millennial?

Advancements in a Digital Age Cater to Millennial Shoppers.

The millennials are still a mystery to some retailers. Millennial shoppers are more suspicious and don’t know who to trust. On the flip side, they are the most likely to be influenced by social media and apps out of any other generation.


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What Not to Do When Rebranding a Retailer

Avoid a Few Common Mistakes and Achieve Success.

The majority of big retailers will rebrand once every 7 – 10 years on average. This can range from new signage to a make over for the physical location.

Why is rebranding important?

Rebranding is a chance to update the brand and make it more

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