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Samsung to Acquire LoopPay to Combat Apple Pay Mobile Payment

Without a Swipe, LoopPay Wirelessly Transmits Credit Card Data.

In February this year, Samsung announced its plans to acquire LoopPay. LoopPay is a two-year old mobile payment and commerce platform.

Based in Woburn, Massachusetts, LoopPay markets a proprietary technology, which, without a swipe, wirelessly transmits credit card information. Its competition, Apple Pay,

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Defining Shoppers Using Biometrics

New Facial Recognition Technology Configures Demographic Information for Personalized Marketing.

In the beginning of this year, the National Retail Federation (NFR) conference, which was held in New York City, showed the future of retail. It demonstrated that the future retail environment would include biometric technology. This technology will identify shoppers, personally,

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Targeting By Generation

A One-Size Fit All Message Just Doesn’t Cut it Today.

Not too far in the past did marketers catch a lot of attention from only placing advertisements in newspapers, magazines, television and/or radio. Today, reaching consumers is different for every generation. Based on age group, social media preferences are different. A

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New Study Suggests Retailers are Not Meeting Consumers Expectations

As a Consumers Become Disconnected, Opportunity Knocks for Retailers.

A new study released this past January at the National Retail Federation convention by IBM that showed consumers are more excited about online shopping and interacting digitally with retailers. Despite the excitement, however, their behavior wasn’t showing such enthusiasm. The study found

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Less Headaches at the Checkout

Retailers Look Ahead to the Future and Consider Innovative Solutions for Customers Checking Out.

New technologies have replaced the way we traditionally pay for goods and services at restaurants and stores. Today, numerous businesses use tablets or mobile phones to charge a credit card or debit card.

More changes are on the

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