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Robots in Retail

A San Jose Hardware Store Introduces the First Ever Sales Assistant Robots

Recently, the world’s very first sales assistant robots were introduced in California. Coined as OSHbots, they are cool, helpful and scary at the same time.

The two robots cost $50,000 each. The OSHbots are 5 feet tall and made of

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Will a Heartbeat Make Your Signature Obsolete?

While America Still Uses Plastic, Europe is Using Biometric Security for Secure Payments.

Businesses around the globe are issuing payment systems that only need a heartbeat whereas American banks fight to stop forcing credit card users from entering a PIN with their signature in order to ensure the customers’ information is

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What Determines Greatness in Retail?

The Factors that Make Costco and Walmart the Best Players in Retail

Both the past and present has brought numerous changes and challenges for the retail sector. The only brands that weathered through the storms over the years are the ones with strong business values. For example, look at Costco and

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4 Ways In-Store Retailers Can Measure ROI

Interior Analytics Data is Key to Understanding In-Store Experience.

Retailers are always interested in building brand loyalty for the long term. Brick-and-mortar stores play a big role in allowing customers to really experience a retailer and the brand. That is why there is a growing trend with pure-play commerce retailers opening

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Mannequins Get a High-Tech Upgrade

Mannequin Producers are Getting Creative to Combat Less Foot Traffic.

Some people already find mannequins to be weird. They are pale, shiny and motionless.  That being said, would you find a them to be more disturbing if you knew that it could text and track your movement?

Due to the decline in

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