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Learn From the Greats About Your Brand

There are some brands that even the least-connected individual will recognize — Apple, Gap and Ikea for example.

When we think about the great success these brands have had we ask ourselves, how did they build themselves to reach that point? And, are there any characteristics that these brands share?

While each

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Why Webrooming Won 2014

Recent study shows consumers prefer purchasing in-store rather than online.

Webrooming is all the rage these days when it comes to shopping behavior.

Webrooming, the act in which a consumer will purchase a product in the store after they’ve researched their purchase online via smartphone, is becoming more and more popular. In

Defining Your Purpose with Brand Identity

The importance of establishing your brand identity and standing out in 2015.

Whether you’re a retailer, small-business owner, or product developer, 2015 is going to be a great year for evolving your brand and connecting with consumers.

With twenty-four-seven access to the digital marketplace, consumers have become accustomed to shopping where they

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The Power of Consumer Feedback

Why you should stay away from general customer feedback surveys and how to obtain specific consumer feedback from those at the core of your brand.

Consumers are at the heart of every brand, which means meeting their expectations are what give your brand the ability to move forward. But how exactly

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The Future of Beacons

Beacon-talk is popping up more and more often. Learn where the technology is headed and what we can expect from consumers.

We’ve been hearing about in-store beacons for quite some time, but with the holiday season in full-swing these technologically advanced tools are popping up all over.

So, what exactly is a

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