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Why you should consider a lifetime return policy

A lifetime return policy could not only generate customer loyalty, but can help you beat out your competitors.

Looking to strengthen your relationship with your consumers? You may want to consider implementing a lifetime return policy.

Businesses with a lifetime return policy give consumers the opportunity to return their purchases at anytime,

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Why you should invest in your customers

The true impact a loyal-customer can have on the bottom line is huge — so why aren’t companies investing more?

Retailers spend so much time and effort establishing a loyal customer, but how do companies ensure that investment yields a return?

In a recent article published by Retail Customer Experience, a website

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Consumers need consistency this holiday season

New study shows consumers’ frustration with customer experience.

Black Friday may be behind us, but the holiday shopping season is still in full force.

According to a recent study, 90-percent of consumers reported that they expect the customer experience to be the same across channels and devices. The study, conducted by SDL

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