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Breaking Down the Millennial Market

By this point, we know that Millennials are all unique individuals. Here’s a look at a recent study that broke down this market into five segments, giving retailers a better idea on how to reach them on a personal level.

A recent study conducted by Interbrand Design Forum looked at millennials

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Experiential purchases make consumers happy

A new study shows that consumers perceive more pleasure from experiential purchases compared to material purchases.

People seem to gain more pleasure from the purchase of experiences compared to that from material purchases. However, a new study indicates that experiential products can resurrect the same feeling of happiness as life experiences.


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Think about shared customer experiences

The third of a three-blog series dissecting the importance of switching up tactics to better capture the zero moment of truth.

As consumers move forward in their decision process they have moved away from relying on search engines and instead look more toward social and mobile media for questions regarding brands.


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What is brand loyalty?

A look at brand loyalty and insight into what drives it, through the eyes of the consumer.

When we think of brand loyalty, many tend to view it on the broader spectrum, when in reality many consumers are very brand specific.

According to a recent study, the majority of American adults are

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