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Why Location-Based Marketing Rocks

Tips and examples of how location-based marketing can be a huge asset to your business.

You walk into an ice cream shop with a friend and while you didn’t necessarily have a sweet tooth before, the smell of fresh waffle cones gets to you.

You’re pushing back your cravings, but all of

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A healthier alternative to Amazon

Google’s new program supports brick and mortars, yet challenges Amazon.

By now we’ve all seen the viral video for Amazon Prime Air, which offers Amazon Prime users a 30-minute delivery for a monthly rate of $5.99.

While Amazon hasn’t quite mastered the technology of using droids to deliver packages, it has put

Retailers, Say hello to Gen-Z

Why you should start beefing up your communication strategy ASAP.

While retailers have been focusing on Millennials, Generation-Z has been growing up, and in a very different world than all those who came before them.

Born after 1995, Generation-Z has lived in a world dictated entirely by technology. They’ve grown up with

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Facebook gives advice to retailers

The social-giant’s newest guide gives retailers tips on how to use Facebook effectively in the marketing mix

Each social platform plays its own unique role in the overall marketing mix.

LinkedIn is best used for building professional relationships; twitter is a great way to connect with consumers in real time; Instagram is

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Back-to-School Numbers In

Late shoppers set expectations for holiday sales.

Recognizing that some of the best deals are yet to come, many families didn’t even scratch the surface of back-to-school shopping until the beginning of September.

According to the National Retail Federation’s latest Back-to-School/College Surveys, the average family with children in grades kindergarten through high

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Apple Does it Again

How Apple Pay can affect you and retailers

Apple kind of has this way of changing consumer behavior.

Take, for example, the newest launch of Apple Pay, the iPhone 6 mobile payment system, which literally gives consumers the ability to purchase items in a store with their cell phone. This concept makes

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