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Mobile isn’t going anywhere

New study suggests growth in cross-channel sales in retail.

While shoppers use their mobile devices to research products, they’re more likely to purchase goods in the physical store.
According to the U.S. Cross-Channel Retail Sales Forecast released by Forrester Research — an independent technology and market research company — cross-channel retail sales

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Lord & Taylor amps up the in-store shopping experience

Chain-wide Beacon rollout personalizes in-store shopping experience.

We couldn’t emphasize the importance of personalizing the in-store shopping experience more if we tried. Today’s consumer is all about individualization and borderline expects a unique experience in every shopping environment.

In order to meet the evolving demand of their consumers, Lord & Taylor decided

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Location-based marketing done right

Three companies that are winning at location-based marketing.

By literally putting relevant information into the hands of the consumer, location-based marketing fulfills the modern consumer’s greatest needs: convenience and individualization.

Not only does location-based marketing provide customers with deals and discounts tailored to their wants, but it gives retailers insight into the

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Stay ahead of retail trends

Keep up with the demands of today’s demographics in order to effectively relate to the modern consumer

When looking at today’s consumer, you see an entirely different picture than the one seen just five years ago.

Not only do we reach out to those in a younger demographic, but we’re focusing on

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Etsy puts products in retailers hands

The e-commerce giant launches The Etsy Wholesale Program to give independent designers a shot at selling their creations through third-party retailers.

If you’ve been online or picked up a magazine lately, you’re probably familiar with the ecommerce powerhouse that is Etsy.

Etsy, an online-based e-commerce site, gives anyone with a hint of

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