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Flawless customer service in tough times

 The importance of customer-based customer service.

Crisis management is defined as the process by which an organization deals with a major event that threatens to harm the organization. And, in today’s hyper-connected society, any negative customer experience could implode into a full-blown crisis.

What we mean is that today’s customer is extremely

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The ABC’s of Webrooming

How to drive customers from your website into the store

The times, they are a changin’, as consumers are using e-commerce less for shopping, and more for researching products.

Webrooming, the art of researching items online and then purchasing them in the store, is the opposite of showrooming. The latter has hurt

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Back to school season in full swing

Research shows that consumers are more likely to shop in-store for back to school items, compared to online.

With back-to-school season in full swing, retailers are scrambling to keep the shelves full.

According to the ICSC-Goldman Sachs consumer tracking survey, conducted by the Opinion Research Corporation, roughly 90-percent of households reported their

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Digital Signage Key to Reaching Millennials

A combination of social media and interactive displays could increase brand awareness among Millennials.

Millennials HATE the idea of boredom. They’re constantly on the move, either creating something new or communicating with their peers. Their mind never stops moving.

So how do you catch the attention of those who have a short

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Why you should consider Mobile POS

The number of merchants who use Mobile POS systems is expected to increase by 95-percent this year.

Straying away from the traditional POS System may seem like the end of an era, but replacing it with tablets and mobile phones could have a huge impact in fueling growth and sales.

Not only

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