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Private Label Sales See Another Spike

A new study suggests that 98-percent of shoppers purchase private label products.

For the past few years, private label sales have continued to rise and with good reason.

Most retailers are putting more effort into the level of quality and packaging design of their products, creating a less-distinct difference between private label

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Reach Millennials with word-of-mouth

A recent study indicates that Millennials are more influenced by word-of-mouth than advertising.

A recent student released from Radius Global Marketing Research indicates that Millennials’ shopping habits are more influenced by word-of-mouth than advertising.

Radius Global Marketing Research, one of the largest independent research marketing organizations in the world, conducted a study

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How to utilize mobile during the path to purchase

New study indicates consumers’ welcome relevant product information via their smartphone.

If you haven’t considered mobile advertisement yet, you may change your mind after reviewing the latest report from Fetch.

Fetch, a global mobile agency, announced the results of its ‘Engaging the Mobile Shopper’ report, which surveyed more than 300 adults, aged

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Mobile and Showrooming — Recipe for Success

How showrooming can be used to drive in-store and online sales.

In a recent interview with Wired magazine, the CEO of Walmart noted that 12-percent of online sales come from someone actually standing inside the physical Walmart store.

For those who have dismissed showrooming as an effective marketing tool, this comment surely

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Is Digital Privacy a Thing of the Past?

New study indicates that consumers are willing to compromise their information if it means a good deal.

In a world where social media and social are so closely intertwined, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to get their hands on your personal information.

Not only are we using social media platforms as

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Last Minute Promotion Ideas for July 4th

You’ve been gearing up for months for Independence Day, but don’t forget some last minute tips for boosting in-store sales.

Independence Day is still over a week away, but retailers have been gearing up for months.

If you’ve stepped into any store recently, you’ve probably noticed the red, white and blue colors