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Say goodbye to waiting in the checkout line

Kroger Co.’s QueVision System wins retail technology of the year at InformationWeek’s Elite 100.
For customers, waiting in the retail line can be quite dreadful — not only are you surrounded by the sweetest of vices, but you’re impatient because the person in front of you is taking forever.
But, thanks to

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Revamp your customer loyalty program

New study suggests retailer programs are lacking, here’s why you should up your game.

While loyalty programs are an excellent technique for building consumer appreciation, new studies suggest that they aren’t a major influencer of shopping behavior.

According to the results of a consumer survey released by COLLOQUY (A research organization that

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Baby Boomers vs. Millennials

As Baby Boomers inch closer to retirement, so does over $400 billion in annual spending. Start shifting your focus on Gen-Y by learning how they view brand loyalty.

There’s a buzz about Gen Y, and it goes far beyond their tech savvy tendencies.

This group of young adults is not only the

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How Temperature Impacts Buying Behavior

Warmer weather could mean an increase in sales.

The official start of summer may be weeks away, but the temperatures are already rising here in Chicagoland.

With that being said, it makes sense that we’ve found ourselves craving a cool ice cream cone or longing for a glass of lemonade. These summer-themed

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New Study Reveals Importance of Multichannel Marketing Strategy when Targeting Millennials

New study reveals that those aged 25–34 lead the way in smartphone usage, comparing prices, reading reviews, buying products and engaging with brands on social media while in-store.

For months we’ve been stressing the importance of utilizing a multi-channel marketing strategy, so when Omnico Group released the results of its primary

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The Skinny on Coupons

Reviewing and evaluating NCH’s 2013 coupon trends.

The meaning of the word coupon has certainly evolved during the past few years.
Not only are coupons applied to any and all products, but their literal form has shifted from print to digital. The average shopper, too, has evolved and many believe that the

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