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Revamping the Retail Market

The times are changing — it’s never been more important to keep your mind open.

The technology trend has changed where we shop, what we purchase, and how we buy.

The focus on mobile and reliance on the Internet has created (what many consider to be) a challenge for brick-and-mortar stores, as

Why your marketing plan needs Instagram

The photo-sharing app is evolving into one of the most effective social media marketing tools.

When Instagram first started it was simply a tool for people to share photos with their friends — the marketing value was limited.
It didn’t take long for the social media platform to explode. In three short

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Sweet packaging catches snackers

New studies show that aesthetically pleasing packaging holds a significant influence in a customers’ decision to buy.

Shoppers can avoid walking down the candy aisle in the grocery store, but they can’t always get around the impulse section near the cashier.
We call this the impulse section because for many, the purchases

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