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Why you should focus on your Facebook page

Consumer trends show that social media is becoming the #1 resource for information.

Consumers have used social media for quite some time, but now more and more shoppers are relying on Facebook as a means of information about their favorite businesses.

As a result, more companies are relying on their social media

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Corporate Social Responsibility is in Demand

More and more consumers don’t just desire that brands give back, they expect it.

Nowadays it’s almost trendy to practice social responsibility.

People of all ages and lifestyles go out of their way to buy fair trade products, recycle their plastic, and own at least one pair of TOMS shoes. So it’s

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Are digital stores in your future?

Walmart launches in-store pickup option

Walmart has been the forefront of retail trends before, so we weren’t shocked to hear that they were dabbling with a more digitized shopping experience.

Walmart, the leading national retailer, has started beta testing online grocery shopping at eleven of its Denver locations. According to Techcrunch, customers

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Mobile Wallet 101

Understanding the newest mobile revolution and whether it’s right for your business.
The mobile phone wears many hats — a communication tool, lifestyle enhancement device, camera, computer, and more. But it’s the phone’s ability to serve as a wallet that has recently made headlines.
Mobile wallets, a spin-off of mobile credit-card payments,

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Millennials Spearhead Shop-Local Trend

Small businesses see an increase in sales as more consumers desire a unique shopping experience.

The shop-small trend is sweeping the nation, and Millennials are spearheading the movement.

We’ve long-dubbed Gen-Y as “the entrepreneur generation”, but recent news indicates that their buy-local mentality spans further than their own start-up business.

According to a