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Tips for Reaching the Omni-Channel Consumer

Simple ways to amp-up your brand’s presence across multiple platforms.

Today’s shoppers expect a personalized experience not just online, but also in the store.

To keep up with the demands, retailers are stepping up their game and utilizing every medium to reach out to consumers. The “Omni-Channel Approach” is a rapidly increasing

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Understanding the Omni-Channel Approach

Today’s shopping environment takes customer service to an entirely new level. Learn why you should consider implementing an Omni-Channel strategy.

A personalized shopping experience is no longer a want — it’s an expectation.

Sound unrealistic? It really isn’t. Between the internet, mobile and in-store experiences, retailers are able to gauge who the

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Merchandising to Amplify the Brand Experience

Three tips to help build your brand’s reputation through visual merchandising

Visual merchandising is an art — building it takes patience, but the finished product has the potential to create a buzz.

Merchandising is a strategy used by retailers for as long as we can remember. It’s a way to maximize the

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Step Outside of the Home Aisle

Create a buzz and generate sales with one simple move.

A successful retail marketing strategy is derived from a concrete understanding of the shopper. To foster a relationship that results in a purchase, it’s essential for you to understand their needs and shopping behavior.

It’s not a state secret that shoppers are

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Keep Calm and Shop On

Could Outlet Stores Become the Hottest Trend of 2014?

Mobile isn’t the only thing trending in 2014.

As the United States economy climbs from the bottom of the recession, one thing is for sure — consumers are spending.

While today’s shopper may not be treating themselves with frequent shopping sprees like they were

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Are retailers going too far?

Recent technology advances have opened the door to a whole new way of tracking shopping behavior. Now the question is whether shoppers’ privacy is at risk.

Retailers are going to new lengths to enhance the in-store experience, but some question whether the methods actually invade shoppers’ privacy in the process.


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More Shoppers Taking Photos In Store

More and more consumers using their phones to take photos at the retail level.

Photo-centric apps are quickly rising to the top of the social media hierarchy. Users constantly upload images detailing the routine of their daily lives, so it’s no shocker that picture taking has become another mobile frenzy making

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